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Strategic Partners

Tec360 GlobeTec360 is aligned with the leaders of today’s green initiative.  We work very closely with our selection of strategic partners to ensure

  • quality
  • reduced operational costs
  • measurability
  • overall effectiveness
  • credibility

Additionally, we are committed to ensuring the latest technology is compatible with our client’s current infrastructure to maximize productivity and efficiency.

We select our partners through a stringent process based on affordability, quality and commitment to cost reduction.  Our strategic partners have a proven record of cost savings to clients.  Our team researches and identifies the best companies to partner with in the areas of cost reduction and productivity for all types of organizations.  We screen these firms daily based on their technology, cost, service, client satisfaction, and measurable savings to clients.

Our consultants coach you through your cost reduction process. We help property owners and general managers find immediate, affordable options that offer a Return on Investment in a matter of monthsTec360’s innovative approach of matching the right products with the right organization takes the time-consuming research off you and eliminates needless product demos and sales pitches.


Interested in a strategic partnership with Tec360? Please contact Cindy at cindy@tec360.org or 815-735-1060.